Much like a suit of armor is designed to protect the life of the knight inside, ARMOR products are designed to protect the “shelf life” of your metal parts from the threat of corrosion during shipping, storage and throughout the manufacturing process. Check out the photos below of common VCI applications where ARMOR products have made a difference in protecting the investment and products of thousands of manufacturers around the world.
Engine in VCI poly bag
Interleaved layers using poly & paper
Overseas exporting of equipment utilizing ARMOR POLYTM Heat Shrinkable films.
Utilization of VCI on both
sides of the paper
ARMOR SHIELDTM VCI Stretch Film used for storage of stamped automotive door frames
Full wrap of VCI paper on small part
Interleaved layers in
VCI poly bag
Interleaved layers using
VCI paper
Large amount of metal surface
area need additional VCI
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