Dry Coat™ Rust Preventative is a water-based liquid RP for ferrous metals. This water-based product is a significant advancement in corrosion prevention technology that replaces solvent and oil-based corrosion inhibitors. Once applied, the clear protective coating will dry-to-touch within 30 minutes at ambient conditions. It does not attract dirt or dust on metal parts such as other sticky or tacky products. It is non-hazardous and easily washes off using mild detergents or common metal cleaning solutions. Dry Coat™ is safe to use on ferrous metals, stainless steel and will not harm most elastomers or plastics.
  Can be applied by dip, spray or flowcoating
  Ideal for small parts in large quantities such as nut and bolts, fasteners, or hardware
  Works well for export equipment or machinery
  Gears, pipes, flanges, cast iron, ferrous metals
  Odd shaped parts that cannot be placed into a bag or wrapped with paper
  Provides indoor protection up to two years
(not recommended for outdoor use unless combined with other ARMOR VCI products that contain VCI and UV inhibitors)
  A superb and safe water based rust preventative
  Dries to the touch-no sticky, messy liquids to clean up
  Keeps parts clean and free from corrosion
  Displaces water and oil from metal surfaces
  Saves time and money compared to other wrapping methods
  Replaces hazardous oils, flammable solvents, sticky RPs
  Formulation is non-toxic and environmentally friendly
  Ready to use product, VOC free
  Removes easily, if needed, with mild detergents or cleaners
  Valued ARMOR brand is a trusted name that means reliability, service and confidence
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