ARMOR POLY® VCI films come in a variety of forms to suit various packaging needs. The broad line of high performance ARMOR POLY® VCI includes bags, sheets, rolls, tubes, auto bags, elastic bonnets, gusseted liners and shrink film, in addition to other custom VCI Poly products. Films are transparent and heat sealable and provide the combined benefit of barrier and anti-corrosion protection in a simple to use form.

THE CRUSADER™- Premium Co-Extruded VCI For Long Term Storage
A revolutionary blending of cutting edge corrosion-inhibiting technology with advanced polyethylene film extrusion. The Crusader™ is a co-extruded VCI poly bag that provides premium long-term storage for the most demanding corrosion inhibiting applications. Designed to be used as a tough, reusable bag for large bin liners, export shipments or long term storage, The Crusader™ utilizes the latest in co-extrusion technologies. Typical VCI bags are mono-extruded, meaning that the VCI resin is contained throughout the film, even on the outside of the bag. ARMOR utilizes proprietary high-tech resins to promote durability and superior moisture barrier properties and matches them with high performance constructions to concentrate the VCI where you need it most-on the /inside /of the bag.

THE DEFENDER™- Cost Effective Co-Extruded VCI Film Reduces Corrosion and Costs
The Defender™ is a co-extruded VCI poly bag that provides a cost-effective alternative to standard mono-extruded films. Designed to be both economical and tough, The Defender™ utilizes three layers of film with specific characteristics used to prevent corrosion, provide additional barrier protection and increase durability and puncture resistance over typical mono-extruded VCI films. Due to ARMOR’s advanced technologies, customers are typically able to reduce the gauge of film by 30%. Since the VCI is positioned where you need it- on the/ inside/ of the bag- The Defender™ provides true cost savings coupled with outstanding corrosion inhibiting performance.

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