Our Shield™ Products line is a comprehensive collection of innovative and practical methods for delivering corrosion protection to your parts. All of our Shield Products can be customized to meet even the most demanding specifications. Don’t see what you are looking for? Let ARMOR design a custom solution for your packaging challenge.
are available as a standard 1"x1" chipboard square, saturated with AN-OX® VCI. ARMOR also produces chips in custom sizes for unique applications. Ideal for small parts packagingas a cost effective way to protect parts without the hassle and labor of wrapping them individually.
   ARMOR DESICCANT PRODUCTS - Humidity Control - Modified Atmospheric Packaging
A desiccant is a drying agent used to quickly reduce the humidity inside a closed container to a predetermined lower value, and then to maintain the humidity at that lower level for a period of time. A desiccant attracts moisture from the atmosphere and adsorbs and holds particles of water to itself. Commonly used during shipping or storage of products. ARMOR offers three types of desiccants, Clay, Silica Gel and Molecular Sieve.
(Types of Desiccants) (Measuring and Packaging) (Calculating Req.)
Types of Desiccants
  Most economical of all desiccants and highly effective within normal temperature and relative humidity ranges.
  Used in most industrial applications requiring humidity control. Clay can adsorb up to 30% of its weight in water vapor at
  77°F (25°C) and 80% relative humidity.
  No apparent change in size, shape, or texture of the desiccant at full capacity.
Silica Gel (SiO2 * H2O)
  Silica gel will adsorb about 40% of its weight in water vapor at 100% humidity.
  Better suited than clay for temperatures above 120°F (49°C) as clay may give up moisture rather than pull it in.
  Overall, high efficiency and high capacity desiccant.
Molecular Sieve
  Synthetically produced crystalline metal alumosilicate zeolite.
  Good choice for the most demanding/unique applications. The pore structures provide a higher capacity for water
  adsorption than clay or silica gel at very low humidity levels.
  Retains a higher percentage of moisture capacity at elevated temperatures (well past 450°F)
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