A volatile or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI or VPI) is a class of chemical compounds which emit a rust-inhibiting vapor in the air to inhibit corrosion on a metal surface. Typically a packaging material such as paper or poly film is the carrier for the VCI chemicals. VCI's typically elminate the need for oils and liquid rust preventatives. All ARMOR Protective Packaging® products utilize our proprietary and time-proven AN-OX® VCI Technology.
Oxidation occurs when an electrolyte (water, oxygen, etc.) is present on the surface of a metal. The corrosion process begins when electrons flow through the electrolyte from high energy areas (anode) to low energy areas (cathode) of the metal. AN-OX® VCI Technology blocks this reaction by passivating the surface and inhibiting the electrochemical current flow from anode to cathode. AN-OX® VCI’s protective vapors attach themselves to a metal surface to form an invisible film only a few molecules thick to protect metal from attack. AN-OX® VCI can work for several years to prevent corrosion from occurring on the metal surface.
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